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over 1 year Ago

Thanks for the suggestions! Will have all of the above included eventually. -Playing around with different ways to set and track alternative forms -I'm going to redo the hunting and collected screens to allow for more analytics, sorting, filtering, etc. Probably will look and feel more "Go" like. -The categorization for true random encounters is tough since it's not something you're hunting per se. This is something I'd definitely like to talk through more. -Will add Pokémon Go as a title for game used. Eventually, I'd like to have a screen shot import similar to Poke Genie for these. And again, a bit of a weird categorization since encounters aren't really tracked.

Basically, I think some of these features are surpassing the core "counter" functionality and broadening it into a shiny collection management tool realm. I'm still battling whether this should stay a counter app and be used as a data import to a pre-existing Pokémon collection management site or if the app should evolve and become a competitor in that space as well.


over 1 year Ago

I agree, sorting by category would be a terrific addition :D Maybe even include an option for custom categories? I would also like that added on to the currently hunting list, or at the very least a way to rearrange the Pokémon order ^^